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Why join CMG
A collaborative approach
You know your local market better than anyone. Thus, our goal is to retain your brand, culture and team after partnering. We combine the resources of a larger organization with the freedom to continue operating your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with CMG.
  • Secure your legacy by retaining your established brand, reputation, customer relationships, and culture.
  • Allow the value of your retained ownership to increase as we partner together to grow the value of your business OR allow a senior employee to buy into the business as you transition out.
  • Realize immediate financial gain from your years of building your business by selling us a majority (or 100%) stake.
  • Have a built-in exit strategy for the remainder of your ownership when you are ready to fully retire.
  • Leverage general business support including back-end finance and accounting functions, marketing programs, capital investments, and group purchasing.
  • Retain both your brand name and your ability to make flexible decisions in order to best serve your customers.
  • Develop your next generation of technicians through apprenticeship programs, and increase employee retention with enhanced worker benefits.
  • Support recruiting high-quality technicians and workforce development with technical training programs.
  • Be part of a collaborative group of like-minded business owners who share best practices, leverage resources, and combine purchasing power.
  • Work together with other CMG partners to go after national contracts unavailable to companies with only a local presence.