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At Crete, our highly skilled partners have the experience needed to handle all types of commercial plumbing projects. Our diversified commercial and industrial plumbing design experience allows us to complete multi-disciplined and unique commercial and industrial plumbing installations ranging from mechanical, industrial, acid waste systems, medical facilities, schools, hospitality buildings to multi-family and domestic plumbing services of all types.

Customized plumbing solutions ensure your space requirements, existing piping systems, and current equipment are accommodated, and may provide the potential to integrate with others systems, reducing heating and cooling costs or energy use. Our water meter program helps measure and track water usage for performance insights and efficiency. Whether our partners are installing new plumbing systems or retrofitting your existing system, our professionals will get the job done correctly and efficiently with as little disruption to your normal operations as possible, while adhering to local, state and federal environmental regulations for waste.

Our fully licensed experts are certified to perform a full range of industrial and commercial plumbing services, including gas line fusing and medical gas system installation. State-of-the-art quality assurance procedures ensure state and city code compliance as well as safe and responsible craftsmanship.

Plumbing Services:

Our partners offer a complete range of plumbing and process piping services. Our plumbers and pipefitters have experience installing a variety of systems: conventional plumbing, medical/laboratory, specialty gases, water treatment systems, high purity water, process liquids and gases, vacuum and compressed air, and fuel gases.

Plumbing services are integral to a facility’s functionality. When systems fail or experience leaks, there can be severe environmental consequences and costly damage. When designed correctly, and operating properly, plumbing systems offer opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and decrease resource use.

Our partners have the experience to meet all your pipefitting needs including air compressors, dryers, pumps and process water equipment. Proper pipefitting can enhance your facility’s resource efficiency, including water conservation, energy efficiency and waste management, and is an important piece of how your facility operates. We’ll identify leaks and inefficiencies and provide quick repairs that can keep your systems operating at peak performance while decreasing the potential for damage and extending the life of systems.

If one part of your plumbing system is damaged, it could impact the rest of the system. Our experienced partners use the latest equipment and techniques to diagnose potential issues and leaks to prevent future damage that can be costly and have environmental consequences, like groundwater contamination, and social consequences, like mold growth and associated health issues. Water meters can help detect leaks, which our teams can pinpoint the source of quickly and provide an efficient repair with little disruption to your business operations and the environment.

When you prioritize plumbing maintenance, you can avoid electrical hazards, toxic mold growth, water damage, and much more. An annual inspection can ensure the operation of your entire plumbing system and helps to check, identify and resolve any current concerns. Basic services and upkeep such as drain cleaning, help ensure future problems are less likely to occur. Regular maintenance can also detect and address issues right away, preventing waste, leaks and subsequent problems that can contribute to resource inefficiency and premature degradation of your system.  

Our partners use the latest technologies to develop tailored commercial and industrial plumbing layouts. We work closely with owners, architects, general contractors, and local authorities to design and provide engineered documents for new construction and remodeling projects. Our partners are adept at customizing your project to your facility’s needs, including helping you meet your sustainability goals.

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Crete Mechanical Group has partners throughout the United States and is continuously expanding its presence to provide superior service to our customers and flexibility to our employees.