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Shared Resources
A commitment to excellence

We allow owners and management to focus on delivering best-in-class service, unburdened by the administrative demands of running a business. To do so, we work with current staff to create a strong management infrastructure that removes the burden of back-office management from the current management team. Our network allows our partners to realize economies of scale in purchasing power and to share knowledge and resources within the group for the benefit of each business. Through this collaboration, we achieve unmatched outcomes for each respective business.

Shared resources include:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources (including technician recruiting and retention)
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Best practice sharing
  • General operational support

In most of our partner businesses, we seek a majority ownership interest with at least one other senior employee retaining a minority interest. This allows for a true partnership model based on an alignment of expertise and goals.

The minority partner is often the current owner who retains some ownership with a built-in exit strategy that allows them to monetize over time. We also create opportunities for other key employees to build an ownership interest in the business over time.