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Building automation is a powerful tool to enhance your facility’s efficiency. Industry-leading building controls and automation allow an operator to access, manage and monitor all connected building systems from a single interface. Configurable controls integrate seamlessly with smart equipment to achieve optimum efficiency. Together they help you make smarter decisions while enhancing comfort, productivity and safety, and wellbeing of occupants.

For the professionals who design, build, and manage facilities, the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending. More and more, building automation—intelligent, data-enabled automation and related controls—is how our partners help you achieve these goals. Our building controls and automation partners understand your need for energy efficiency and have the expertise to monitor your system remotely, 24/7, and work towards the prevention of issues instead of reacting to emergencies. Our partners work on all types and sizes of commercial and industrial facilities from restaurants to multi-story office buildings.

Building Automation Services:

The right building controls and automation technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems–enabling them to communicate on a single platform to deliver the information you need, allowing you to make smarter, savvier decisions while enhancing your occupants’ comfort, safety and productivity. Single-platform control over an entire building means a customized, automated approach to greatly reducing costs and energy use for positive impacts on the environment without sacrificing performance, comfort and functionality.

Energy savings of 5-30% can be realized through improved operations and optimized mechanical systems. Our partners can conduct comprehensive energy audits and provide 24/7 monitoring to identify the areas where your commercial building can save energy and money, and ensure you have insights into every minute of your building’s operations.

Building pressure studies help you see what’s happening in a building just like static pressure does in an HVAC system and they are key to keeping your building energy efficient. Our partners can assist you in creating an appropriate makeup air strategy to mitigate problems caused by improper air pressure such as mold and mildew, higher energy costs, high levels of carbon monoxide, and more. Support the health and wellbeing of occupants with industry-leading testing services that can improve indoor air quality and building health.

Complex building controls require complex integration solutions and help your facilities run more efficiently, combatting waste and energy loss. Our partners can ensure your building technologies are correctly installed and integrated to provide coordination through all components of your building. Integrated systems yield data analytics that provide true visibility into your building, control of your building system and long-term operational growth. 

It’s not just the building controls and automation systems themselves that are important. You’ll need a partner who understands products from multiple manufacturers and is agnostic about the technology involved. Our partners are here to help you select the right products to create a well-architected system for your unique needs, including any social or environmental goals you are pursuing, like BREEAM, WELL, or LEED certifications.

Service and maintenance contracts allow you to quickly adapt to the unique needs of your building and its occupants. Our partners monitor your system to provide preventive and predictive maintenance as well as required system software updates—keeping building controls current and optimized. This enables effective building maintenance through monitoring of alarms and equipment usage.

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